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What is ‘Chameleon Code’?

‘Chameleon Code’ is a new type of high speed and quality image recognition technology utilizing 4 colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. It does not require a close-up picture of color codes for recognition. It only requires color codes somewhere within the picture, and now it is being applied across a variety of different industries. Chameleon Code has a variety of applications such as factory automation systems, attendance systems, and asset maintenance systems as a substitute for RFID. Another great feature is that it does not require any special devices. It allows smart phones, PC, or web cameras to recognize color codes and also allows you to print out codes via commercial printers.



Recognize codes almost instantly as they appear inside of the cameras recognition area. It requires less than 0.3 seconds for a single code and less than 1 second for multiple codes.



It is able to recognize codes, from large distances, with your choice of camera, such as Web cameras, Network cameras, or Monitoring cameras.



Chameleon Code is able to recognize multiple color codes at once if they are within the recognition area. This function enables you to improve efficiency by not having to visually check items individually.



■Percentage within the image when it’s recognizing a static image
※Percentage within the image = (size of code)÷(size of taken image)×100
Number of pixel 0.3mega pixel 0.8mega pixel 1.3mega pixel
Size of pixel(px) 640×480 1024×768 1280×1024~
Percentage within the image of a code 0.60% 0.20% 0.15%以下

In the case of QR codes, the code must cover at least 80% of the image to be recognized. For the chameleon code, the coverage area of the code can be as little as 2% in moving images, and 0.6% in stationary images, for the code to be recognized.



Since RFID utilizes radio waves, there are concerns that radio waves may affect a machines precision or the health of the operator. On the other hand, Chameleon Code does not use radio waves since it only requires a PC or a Web camera to recognize codes. Using Chameleon Codes gives you piece-of-mind as it allows you to operate in a radio wave free environment.


Since RFID require radio waves for recognition, the IC chips may sometimes become unrecognizable if other readers use same channels, or if there are metallic nets present.


Initially, RFID could be quite costly since it requires a special reader and writer, where as Chameleon Code allows you to use any commercial PC, Webcam, and Printer.



More than 100,000 end users are satisfied with a transition to our new solution, Chameleon Code. Looking to upgrade software for your company?

Chameleon Code can be used as an auto recognition system with pre-existing software.

For example, if you are already using some form of attendance management software, then all you will need is a an ID tag/card.

We will deliver an optimal Chameleon Code solution to you for your existing software.


A new type of image recognition technology, Chameleon Code was originally developed by SHIFT Ltd. We have started to provide license sales to allow more users the ability to use this new recognition technology. We offer Chameleon Code to be used on various software across a large variety of industries.


We also do demonstrations to better help you understand Chameleon Code. Please feel free to contact us today!


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